Interagency Electronic Reporting System

Project Brief

Fishing. In Alaska, it has become a highly-regulated industry overseen by multiple agencies – National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Alaska Department of Fish & Game, and the International Halibut Commission. In the old days, catch data was painstakingly recorded by hand and just as painstakingly entered into databases – and often hand-keyed into multiple databases. 

Wostmann began working with NMFS and its partner agencies in 2002 to develop an Interagency Electronic Reporting System for Alaska’s commercial fisheries, to capture and provide timely commercial fishery landing and production data, complying with government standards and frameworks while meeting both state and federal regulatory requirements. Commonly known as eLandings, the resultant system is a single data entry point for seafood processors to enter catch data, and for processors and regulators to access seafood landing reports and production data. eLandings has grown since the initial version to include multiple applications and numerous catch types.  Since 2006 eLandings has recorded over 300,000 seafood landings. The system is engineered to capture and provide accurate, real-time reporting of commercial fisheries landing and production data while meeting State, Federal and international regulations. eLandings has improved data quality, reduced duplicative data entry, and provided electronic and paper documentation for agencies and industry. 

For the initial release, Wostmann performed the full software development lifecycle, from needs assessment and requirements specification to system architecture and pilot implementation. Wostmann continues to partner with the agencies, with a recent development an at-sea or remote version that enables users to meet state and federal reporting requirements via the web, mobile device, tablet, email, or even a thumb drive that can be accessed upon return to port.

Wostmann is proud to be a partner in this vital effort that serves Alaska’s fishermen and agency staff. 

Deliverables include full system implementation, cloud migration, maintenance, software requirements, training materials and user support.

eLandings, along with extensive training materials and FAQs, can be found at:


  • Full system implementation

  • Cloud migration

  • Maintenance

  • Software requirements

  • Training materials

  • User support

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