Alaska Medicaid JUCE Database Support, State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services

Project Brief

Medicaid information is notoriously complex and voluminous, employing numerous systems at the national and state levels. A wealth of information for decision-makers is contained in these systems but accessing the information to provide meaningful reports and graphics can be extremely difficult. The systems that house the data were built to process the data rather than to report from it. To meet data storage and reporting needs, Wostmann, working with the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, created the data warehouse JUCE (Juneau Claims and Eligibility). JUCE draws Medicaid eligibility and claims information dating from 1996 from existing systems. 

The data in the JUCE system is used for budget analysis, for example; reporting on Medicaid spending to the State Legislature is accomplished using data extracted from JUCE. On the back end, the data in JUCE is organized and uploaded on a periodic basis using Data Warehouse structures rather than the transactional relational structures in use in typical interactive data systems. The data warehouse structures were optimized by Wostmann for retrieval and analysis of very large data sets (several million records). Wostmann provided several years of support for the JUCE system, including automating backups and assisting with developing new data products.

Deliverables: JUCE Data Warehouse design and implementation. Data system support and as-needed data product development.


  • JUCE Data Warehouse design and implementation

  • Data system support

  • As-needed data product development

Related Work

State and Local Contracts

Wostmann & Associates has more than 25 years experience in state government technology projects. We have supported the State of Alaska in a variety of initiatives, from website and reporting systems to complex integration and enterprise systems and we welcome opportunities to any state with our experienced, senior technology professionals. We often perform our government services via our joint-venture partnership, Alaska IT Group, which combines our services with those of other leading small technology firms. Wostmann and Alaska IT Group are registered in Alaska for several IT service categories listed below. State agencies and local governments may utilize the Alaska Task Order Procurement System (TOPS) for our services or may contact us directly for more information.

  • Cat 2: Mid-range Systems Support

  • Cat 3: Specialized Server and Middleware Administration

  • Cat 4: Data Center Consulting

  • Cat 5: Security Consulting

  • Cat 6: IT Management Consulting

  • Cat 7: IT Procurement and Grant Services

  • Cat 8: OS390 and Z/OS Mainframe Applications Programming Support

  • Cat 9: Distributed Application Analysis, Design and Programming

  • Cat 10: Document Management

  • Cat 12: Project Management

  • Cat 13: Quality Assurance