State of Alaska DMV Driver Knowledge Testing System

Project Brief

The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles administers various driver examinations for Alaska residents, from the typical Class C license to operate a motor vehicle to more complex licenses, such as a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). 

The legacy testing system was an outdated off-the-shelf system with hard-coded dependencies, and a data model that was overly complex and created data-integrity issues.  The DMV needed a responsive, easy-to-use testing system that could record test results accurately; that could be easily updated to reflect changing laws; easily add, modify, and delete questions; and reduce IT support involvement.. In addition, the system had to work on DMV’s existing testing work stations, be accessible to remote locations over long distances, interface with two other systems being developed concurrently; and,  contain features to prevent hacking and detect user fraud.

Wostmann, in collaboration with our Alaska IT Group partner Pango Technology, worked with customer stakeholders to determine and document formal requirements based on their experience with the legacy system. We performed review cycles to determine needs, and user interface prototyping which rapidly resulted in a simple, user-friendly Driver Knowledge Testing System, critical for a system intended for one-time use by the general public. The system was well-documented to facilitate integration with other DMV systems and to enable IT staff to maintain it. 

Use this link to view a sample of the Alaska Driver’s Testing System.


  • Review cycles to determine needs, and user interface prototyping

  • User-friendly Driver Knowledge Testing System

Related Work

State and Local Contracts

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