Statewide Enterprise Finance/HR System Implementation Support

Project Brief

The State of Alaska knew that it had to upgrade its legacy financial, payroll, and human resources systems long before hiring COBOL programmers to support them became almost impossible. State planners also knew the change would be a massive and costly undertaking, a years-long effort that would require detailed planning and execution. In the end, a project team of 40-50 staff and consultants, and scores more agency staff, successfully implemented the Integrated Resource Information System, or IRIS. The new system resolved decades-long inefficiencies and significantly reduced manual processes and brought State systems into the 21st century.

In partnership with ISG One (, Wostmann provided independent project oversight, project management, and quality assurance for the project, monitoring the implementation by the product vendor, assessing risks, and analyzing impacts of project risks and issues. Wostmann worked closely with stakeholders and users from 15 departments and divisions, planning and coordinating testing, and serving as change management facilitators for State users.

IRIS has more than 15,000 regular users, who engage with over 300 processes and workflows. All finance, budgeting, payroll and human resource functions are done within the IRIS platform, providing transparency and standardization.

Deliverables include quality assurance reports, Executive Committee reports, risk register, integration schedules with 15 external entities (design, development, functional and user acceptance testing), test plans, onsite user acceptance testing support, and test execution tracking.

A portal is available for vendors to view payments, respond to solicitations online, submit invoices electronically, view tax information, and manage account information.


  • Quality assurance reports

  • Executive Committee reports

  • Risk Register

  • Integration schedules with 15 external entities (design, development, functional and user acceptance testing)

  • Test plans

  • Onsite user acceptance testing support

  • Test Execution Tracking

Related Work

State and Local Contracts

Wostmann & Associates has more than 25 years experience in state government technology projects. We have supported the State of Alaska in a variety of initiatives, from website and reporting systems to complex integration and enterprise systems and we welcome opportunities to any state with our experienced, senior technology professionals. We often perform our government services via our joint-venture partnership, Alaska IT Group, which combines our services with those of other leading small technology firms. Wostmann and Alaska IT Group are registered in Alaska for several IT service categories listed below. State agencies and local governments may utilize the Alaska Task Order Procurement System (TOPS) for our services or may contact us directly for more information.

  • Cat 2: Mid-range Systems Support

  • Cat 3: Specialized Server and Middleware Administration

  • Cat 4: Data Center Consulting

  • Cat 5: Security Consulting

  • Cat 6: IT Management Consulting

  • Cat 7: IT Procurement and Grant Services

  • Cat 8: OS390 and Z/OS Mainframe Applications Programming Support

  • Cat 9: Distributed Application Analysis, Design and Programming

  • Cat 10: Document Management

  • Cat 12: Project Management

  • Cat 13: Quality Assurance